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Look for the signs and know what can be done ...

Julie is a 33 year old hairdresser with her own successful salon.¬† She and her partner David had been trying on and off for about four years to have a baby and needed a treatment plan.¬† Her periods had become increasingly painful and intercourse was uncomfortable which it never had been before.¬† Her GP had checked her ovulation with a blood test and all seemed ok ‚Äď as did a pelvic ultrasound scan.¬† David had had his sperm count checked and that seemed fine.¬† Julie then had an operation called a laparoscopy and while she was asleep a small telescope was put through her belly button.¬† This showed that tissue from inside her womb had come out into her pelvis (endometriosis).¬† This was removed with an electrical probe (cautery) and she conceived after 4 months of trying.

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Do you suffer from any gynaecological problems?
  • Trusted and well-established, private consultant gynaecologist.
  • Diagnosis and treatment for gynaecological problems; specialist in colposcopy and infertility.
  • Discuss concerns, expectations and needs in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  • For women who want rapid results explained simply and with reassurance.
  • Latest gynaecological procedures, diagnostic screening and examination performed on site for your convenience.