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Female Health

It is important, whatever age, single or married, for sexually active women to have a regular gynaecological consultation.  A consultation can reassure and help highlight any problems that may develop.  The following outlines the major 'gynae' areas or female health issues for many women.

Gynaecology (or 'gynae-matters') refers to the branch of medicine relating to the female reproductive system or any female health issues.  Some of the most common signs include irregular and heavy bleeding; abnormal smear test; pelvic and abdominal pain; lumps, sores or swelling in the vaginal area.  If you suspect you have any symptoms it is always best to ask your doctor for a referral.


What is Colposcopy?
A colposcopy procedure is carried out if you have an abnormal smear test.  This is a diagnostic procedure that illuminates and magnifies the cervix to distinguish normal from abnormal tissue that could become cancerous.  The examination uses a colposcope (a form of endoscope) and takes approximately 5 minutes.  This service is provided at The Groves Medical Centre.


Infertility is when a couple fails to conceive (get pregnant) despite having regular unprotected sex after two years of trying.  If fertility problems exist, there are many different treatments and procedures open to couples.
Some women get pregnant very quickly but for others it can take much longer. Females over the age of 30, or aware of underlying fertility problems, may want to contact their doctor sooner for a referral.