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If you know the cause you can do something ...

Cassie is a 25 year old sports teacher in a large comprehensive school.  She went to her GP for her first cervical smear test and was shocked when her smear result showed abnormal, severe pre-cancerous cells.  She experienced no symptoms and was feeling very healthy.  She was referred to a consultant gynaecologist for a sound diagnosis and a gynaecology examination of her cervix with a microscope (colposcopy procedure).  Two liquids painted on her cervix showed an area of pre-cancerous change which although abnormal had not yet become cancer.  She later had a small operation to shave off the pre-cancerous cells (loop excision) and after two weeks her cervix had healed back to normal.  Four months later Cassie had another colposcopy screening and cervical smear test came back clear.


Look for the signs and know what can be done ...

Julie is a 33 year old hairdresser with her own successful salon.¬† She and her partner David had been trying on and off for about four years to have a baby and needed a treatment plan.¬† Her periods had become increasingly painful and intercourse was uncomfortable which it never had been before.¬† Her GP had checked her ovulation with a blood test and all seemed ok ‚Äď as did a pelvic ultrasound scan.¬† David had had his sperm count checked and that seemed fine.¬† Julie then had an operation called a laparoscopy and while she was asleep a small telescope was put through her belly button.¬† This showed that tissue from inside her womb had come out into her pelvis (endometriosis).¬† This was removed with an electrical probe (cautery) and she conceived after 4 months of trying.

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