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If you know the cause you can do something ...

Cassie is a 25 year old sports teacher in a large comprehensive school.  She went to her GP for her first cervical smear test and was shocked when her smear result showed abnormal, severe pre-cancerous cells.  She experienced no symptoms and was feeling very healthy.  She was referred to a consultant gynaecologist for a sound diagnosis and a gynaecology examination of her cervix with a microscope (colposcopy procedure).  Two liquids painted on her cervix showed an area of pre-cancerous change which although abnormal had not yet become cancer.  She later had a small operation to shave off the pre-cancerous cells (loop excision) and after two weeks her cervix had healed back to normal.  Four months later Cassie had another colposcopy screening and cervical smear test came back clear.


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Do you suffer from any gynaecological problems?
  • Trusted and well-established, private consultant gynaecologist.
  • Diagnosis and treatment for gynaecological problems; specialist in colposcopy and infertility.
  • Discuss concerns, expectations and needs in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  • For women who want rapid results explained simply and with reassurance.
  • Latest gynaecological procedures, diagnostic screening and examination performed on site for your convenience.