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Portland Hospital
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London Bridge Hospital
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Parkside Hospital

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Are you going through a change of life?

Sarah is a 51 year old florist.  She recently separated from her husband and shortly afterwards her periods had become very heavy and irregular.  She also experienced some hot flushes during the day and occasionally one or two at night.  A pelvic ultrasound scan showed that the lining of her womb (endometrium) had become very thick.  Sarah had a small operation to clean out the lining (hysteroscopy) and had a Mirena coil put in her womb at the same time.  The Mirena released a small amount of the hormone progesterone which kept the lining thin and her periods almost non-existent.

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Do you suffer from any gynaecological problems?
  • Trusted and well-established, private consultant gynaecologist.
  • Diagnosis and treatment for gynaecological problems; specialist in colposcopy and infertility.
  • Discuss concerns, expectations and needs in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  • For women who want rapid results explained simply and with reassurance.
  • Latest gynaecological procedures, diagnostic screening and examination performed on site for your convenience.